Tested on a variety of roof rack, cage, tray, basket, platforms and crossbars

Our one of a kind response to solve a common problem on vans and buses. Made of carbon steel -harder than aluminum- cause aluminum it is more prone to dents and scratches than steel. Steel is less likely to warp or bend from weight, force or heat. Built to last.

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Roof Racks

Ready to use and well designed universal holes and guides for easy fitting your favourite roof tray, cage, racks, platform or even awning.

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Check this out with these Heavy Duty 2500 Rhino-Racks roof rack system. Easy to install and offers great strength and durability.

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Roof Tray

Tested with the alloy Rhino Tray (1580mm X 1295mm) made with structural aluminium and glass reinforced nylon. A perfect match!

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Roof Platforms

Tested with full size aluminium flat roof racks. A heavy duty black platform commonly found in the Aussie market. What do you think?

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Ready to support your Adventure Kings 2.5 m Awning... not a problem at all.

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Full length rack and roof hatch?

Fit fit fit!

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Ladder Tradesman

Natural match with a HiDrive Ladder Tradesman Rack.

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Panoramic windows? Not a problem

Fit your awning over the panoramic windows without headaches.

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Custom set-ups

Just made easy!

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Awning Tents

Our low slots model leave sit 205CM from the ground on Hiaces not lifted, perfect for an awning tent.

Handy Slots & Holes

With handy slots and universal holes to fit your awning, hooks, rope, eye bolts and almost any accesory on the Market. Easily built your custom rack system with M8020 or 4040 V-slots alluminium extrusion/profiles or a simple steel hollow section and let your imagination fly and discover the posibilities yourself.